A wine is not just alcoholic grape juice. It's the climate, the terroir, the vines, the grapes, the volume, the farmers, the care of the land, the harvesting, the pressing, the cellaring, the bottling, the winemaker, … And because of all these variables, not all wine is created equal.

Large scale wineries will give you consistency across vintages, continuous availability, and ample volumes of those wines that you know and love. While these aspects are desirable in many instances, the romance of artisan winemaking is what we are after.

Small batches, made from grapes selected from specific vineyards and hand-picked at the perfect ripeness for what the winemaker had in mind for the final product. Wines that are influenced by the climate and weather conditions during that specific vintage. No additives to try mask those variations in weather, climate and harvest that characterised a particular year. Wineries and winemakers who adapt to the circumstances that their vines and grapes have been subjected to, and know how to use those variables to create unique wines that are the most ideal reflections of their inception.

It's those wines that we want to offer you here. Wines that tell the story of their creation in the glass. Made by small, independent wineries who bottle not only wine, but also their heart and soul with it. By getting these wines delivered straight to your door, you will help us support those vineyards, wineries and winemakers who need it the most. You will help us preserve the artisanal craftsmen of one of South Africa's oldest agricultures and help us maintain the incredible growth that this industry has seen over the past years. Covid-19 lockdown regulations have hit the hardest at these independent wineries. We want to do everything we can to help them survive, in order to preserve the core of South Africa's wine heritage.


We have put together six unique curated wine collections for you, each tied together by a unique theme.

Each of these collections is only available in very limited quantities, so you will be sure to have a unique experience, from when you click "buy now" until you pour the last drop out of the bottle. You will receive your collection expertly packed and beautifully wrapped in a custom case, complete with wine barrel wood shavings and tasting notes for each wine. Want to keep your own? We've included a score sheet on the back of each tasting note card.

For the culinary fanatics amongst us, we have also included food pairing suggestions for each wine in your box.


You are welcome to shop single bottles of the wines that are in our collections! Your wine will be shipped in the appropriate wine cases for the volume ordered and expertly packed to prevent breakages. You won't receive tasting note cards or food pairing suggestions with individual bottle orders.

Collection description

Collection description

A detailed description of the wines in your collection

Food pairing suggestions

Food pairing suggestions

to complement your wine selection

Tasting notes

Tasting notes

for each of the wines included

Personalised score card

Personalised score card

Let us know what you think!


Check out, and we do the rest! As soon as we receive your order, we will pack it, send it and keep you updated about your order at all times.



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