You will receive a beautifully designed and tastefully packaged case, containing six exclusive wines from South Africa's best winefarms. We have included the collection description, as well as tasting notes for each wine inside the box. In this mystery box, we have wrapped the bottles in tissue paper and numbered them, so you can have a blind tasting straight out of the box if you want!

A collection for the connoisseurs. 

We've put together a curated selection of exclusive, small-batch wines, made by some of the best winemakers in the country. The collection includes two whites and four reds, most of them blends and all to be enjoyed now or well into the future. These are wines that you cannot get just anywhere and we are 100% confident that they will make for an invaluable addition to your cellar. As the name suggests, we're not telling you upfront what's in this collection. But we don't want to completely leave you hanging either, so here's some hints:

To start, a Chenin-led Blend. With a capital "B". Old vine focused, but including grapes from younger plantings. Traditionally a blend of 14 to 16 different vineyards, often picked in over 20 batches, that comes together in Swartland. It received a 94/100 Tim Atkin score, lauded as being a whole "more complex than its parts". Intrigued yet?

The second bottle is another bush vine Chenin. Imagine a hay barn, next to a fruit orchard, next to the ocean-bordering fynbos fields with some bees buzzing overhead. A map of the South African Cape, in a bottle. You're welcome.

Onto the reds, with a Grenache-based blend, by the same winemakers as one of the whites in this box. A Swartland discovery in the style of a young Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Need we say more?

Hitting pause on the blends for a little while with numbers 4 and 5. Two single varietal Syrah's.

The first born out of the ethos of caring for and nurturing the land. Biodynamic viticulture at its best. Bottled 13 years ago, its distinctive spicy aromas and scent of violets make it a prime specimen of a classic Northern Rhône varietal. 

The second one, well … We'll let Tim Atkin do the talking: ‘one of the greatest Syrah sites in the southern hemisphere. The vines are still young, but this brutal vineyard produces wines of incredible intensity and focus. 98/100’. In case you missed it, that's 98/100 Tim Atkin score. 

And last but not least… The winemaker is rumoured to have travelled from Italy with vines in his socks. And the rest is history. South African Bordeaux-style history… Get your wood fire going, because you'll want to have a proper steak with this one. Possibly followed by a Grappa.

Mystery Collection

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  • Food pairing suggestions

    We suggest you get together some friends, and challenge each other to a blind tasting! 

    Have some salted crackers ready on the table to cleanse your palate between wines. Get a wood fire going in the mean time, because afterwards you'll want to enjoy the remaining wine with a proper South African braai.