You will receive a beautifully designed and tastefully packaged case, containing six exclusive wines from South Africa's best winefarms. We have included the collection description, food pairing suggestions, as well as tasting notes for each wine inside the box.

A collection for the subtle of heart. 

Delicate, graceful, understated elegance. Let us take you on a tour of South Africa's newest up and coming wine regions: Elgin, Elim and the Cape Agulhas triangle. Climate-moderating factors in these most southern regions of the Cape, like the maritime climate, lower average temperatures over summer and refreshing early morning mists make for lower yields and slower, more gradual ripening resulting in concentrated complexity of flavour and depth. 

Wines made here are characterised by an elegance and finesse reflecting the cool ocean winds, with high minerality, noticeable acidity, aromas of oyster shell, herbaciousness, earthiness, and reserved fruit and floral notes. As in the French villages of  Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé in the Loire Valley of Burgundy, the Trizanne Sondagskloof Sauvingnon Blanc and Oak Valley Groenlandberg and La Brune Pinot Noirs are the usual suspects for this climate, followed by fresh, light and elegant Chardonnay's (think Pouilly-Fuissé), like the Iona Chardonnay, quite distinct from their heavier, buttery and nutty siblings usually originating in a warmer inland climate. But also the two more surprising varietals for this region, the Gabrielskloof Syrah on Sandstone and the Spioenkop Sarah Raal Chenin Blanc, rise to the challenge beautifully. The Syrah reflects its mountanous cool-climate (not too dissimilar from France's northern Rhône region), broken sandstone rock terroir perfectly, with its spicy, peppery and floral notes, as apposed to jammy, fruit-heavy, Cornas-style, warmer climate Syrahs from Stellenbosch and Swartland vineyards (click here to see our Warm Climate Collection). The Chenin as well, is the perfect mirror image of its ferricrete terroir, showing lightness, chalkiness and elegant white fruit and citrus notes.

Cool Climate Collection

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  • Food pairing suggestions

    The characteristic hint of minerality in the white wines matches perfectly with noble crustaceans (king prawns, lobster, crayfish), as well as with foie gras. With acidity and smoothness so nicely in balance, they go well with white meats such as veal or poultry in cream sauce, or even many varieties of goat’s cheese. Their aromatic power also matches beautifully with spicy and perfumed exotic dishes such as couscous, fish tajines, or sweet-and-sour prawns - especially the Chardonnay. Sushi is also a great option! The elegance and subtlity of the Chenin from this region is best complemented by simple white fish dishes, like cod or sea bass in a light lemon & caper butter or cream sauce.

    The Pinot Noirs in this box pair perfectly with fatty game birds like pheasant and, most famously, duck. The freshness and fruitiness cuts through the rich, dark meat beautifully and brings the oiliness of the duck to life - in a good way! We recommend a lightly smoked version of your favourite game bird, to really let the delicateness of the wines come through. Not a fan of duck? Serve with teriyaki salmon, pork medallions, or with a cheese platter based around soft, delicate creamy cheeses like Brie or Camembert and cold cuts like prosciutto. The tannins in the wines will provide the perfect counterbalance to the fattiness in the meats and cheese, while the red fruit complements the umami and savoury notes. Want to play up the earthiness and herbaciousness of these wines? Mushroom and truffle dishes are your go-to! The characteristic savouriness, blackberries, violet and peppery notes of the Syrah pair perfectly with spiced steak and game dishes, or even heavier cheeses like gorgonzola and other blue cheeses. 

    Cheese and wine evening anyone?