A blend of 10% old-vine Sémillon and 90% old-vine Chenin Blanc. Certainly more approachable than previous releases, the 2018 offers an immediate abundance of deliciously contained fruit. Drives home the point: weight and power are not the same thing. Here’s a wine with a moderate palate weight that has both intensity and power. It is a wonderful example of nuanced, attentive winemaking. The wine greets you warmly with the scent of ripe apples and citrus rind. A second whiff reveals something savoury, even nutty. Hints of lime blossom, fynbos and crushed bay leaf, followed by luscious tangerine notes that lead on to concentrated stone fruit. The palate is quintessential Cartology – textured and precise with a long-lasting acidity. Shows poise, suspended and still in the counterbalance of rushing elements – sweet saline and mineral. Very good persistence. Some richness but absolutely no puppy fat. Dry, cleansing finish.

Alheit Vineyards - Cartology - 2018

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